Angela Orchestral Miniature (Original Version) 1a Cree, Gordon  Cree, Gordon  2d1.2.2.2 / / T.P.H.Cel / Str. CP00001
Angela Orchestral Miniature (Small Orch.) 1b Cree, Gordon  Cree, Gordon  2d1.0.1.0 / / P.Kit.Gtr.H.Pno / Str. CP00002
Concertino for Organ and Strings Organ and String Orchestra Cree, Gordon  Cree, Gordon / / Org / Str. CP00003
Havanaise Solo Violin, Harp and String Orchestra Cree, Gordon  Cree, Gordon / / H.Org / Str. CP00004
Pleasant Pluckers' Polka, The String Orchestra (Pizzicato) Cree, Gordon  Cree, Gordon / / - / Str. CP00005
Scotland, My Song Forever SATB Choir (or solo) and Orchestra Cree, Gordon / Charles, Don Cree, Gordon  Eb / / T.P.Kit.Gtr.H.Pno / SATB / Str. CP00006
Scottish Blessing, A SATB Choir and Orchestra Cree, Gordon Cree, Gordon F / / T.P.H / SATB / Str. CP00007
Eightsome Reels Original Arrangement 1a Traditional Cree, Gordon  2d1.2.2.2 / / T.P.H.Pia(opt) / Str. OA00001
Eightsome Reels Reduced Orchestration (1) 1b Traditional Cree, Gordon  2d1.2.2.2 / / T.P.H.Pia(opt) / Str. OA00002
Eightsome Reels Reduced Orchestration (2) 1c Traditional Cree, Gordon  2d1.1.2.1 / / T.P.H.Pia(opt) / Str. OA00003
If You Were the Only Girl in the World  With Apologies to Frederic Delius Gray / Ayer / Delius Cree, Gordon / / T.1P.Kit.Gtr.H.Cel / Str OA00006
Amazing Grace Bagpipes and Orchestra Traditional Cree, Gordon / / T.P.Bagpipes / Str. OA00004
Heather on the Hill, The Solo Violin and String Orchestra Lerner / Loewe Cree, Gordon / / - / Solo Violin.Str. 0A00005
Beautiful Dreamer Vocal Solo with Orchestra Foster, Stephen Cree, Gordon  B / / H / Voice / Str. OV00011
Don't Be Cross (from "Der Obersteiger") Vocal Solo with Full Orchestra 1a Zeller Cree, Gordon Eb / / T.2P.H / Voice / Str. OV00001
Don't Be Cross (from "Der Obersteiger") Vocal Solo with Small Orchestra 1b Zeller Cree, Gordon Eb / / 2P.Gtr.H.Pno / Voice / Str. OV00002
Eriskay Love Lilt, An Vocal Solo with Orchestra Traditional / Kennedy-Fraser Cree, Gordon G / / H / Voice / Str. OV00013
Funiculi Funicula Vocal Solo with Full Orchestra 1a Turco / Denza Cree, Gordon  F 2d1.2.2.2 / / 1P.Kit.Gtr.H.Pno / Voice / Str. OV00003
Funiculi Funicula Vocal Solo with Small Orchestra 1b Turco / Denza Cree, Gordon  F 2d1.0.1.0 / / 1P.Kit.Gtr.H.Pno / Voice / Str. OV00004
Highland Cathedral Vocal Solo with Bagpipes and Orchestra Korb / Ro‘ver / Kelly Cree, Gordon  Ab/C 2.2d1.2.2 / / T.P / Bagpipes.Voice / Str. OV00005
Loch Lomond Vocal Solo with Orchestra  1a Traditional Cree, Gordon  G/Ab 2.1+1.1+1.2 (optionally 3.2+1.2+1.2+1) / / T.P.H.Cel(opt) / Voice.SATB(opt) / Str. OV00006
Loch Lomond Vocal Solo with Orchestra 1b Traditional Cree, Gordon  F/Gb 2.1+1.1+1.2 (optionally 3.2+1.2+1.2+1) / / T.P.H.Cel(opt) / Voice.SATB(opt) / Str. OV00007
Loch Lomond Vocal Solo with Orchestra 1c Traditional Cree, Gordon  G/Ab / / T.P.H.Cel(opt.) / Voice.SATB(opt) / Str. OV00008
Loch Lomond Vocal Solo with Orchestra 1d Traditional Cree, Gordon  F/Gb / / T.P.H.Cel(opt.) / Voice.SATB(opt) / Str. OV00009
My Ain Folk Vocal Solo with Orchestra Lemon, Laura Cree, Gordon  F / / T.1P.H.Pno / Voice / Str. OV00012
O, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose Vocal Solo with Orchestra Traditional / Burns, Robert Cree, Gordon  Db / / H / Voice / Str. OV00010
Old House, The Vocal Solo with Orchestra O'Connor, Frederick Cree, Gordon Gb 1.1CorAng.1.0 / / 2P.Gtr.H.Cel / Voice / Str. OV00014
* Versions are denoted thus:  the number denotes the arrangement, the letter the instrumentation and/or key.  For example, withing the same title, versions 1a and 1b are the same arrangement (with the same introduction, links, counter-melodies, 
endings etc.) but either in another key or using a different instrumentation.  Versions 1 and 2 (regardless of whether followed by a letter or not) are entirely different arrangments, and may bear little resemblance to each other in terms of musical style, 
introductions, links, counter-melodies, endings and even extremes such as time signatures.
** Instrumentations are denoted by two groups of numbers, each number separated by a dot, one or more groups of initials, and then denotation of strings (unless otherwise stated, strings are assumed to be violins [2 sections, sometimes more], violas, cello,
 doubles basses.)  The groups are separated by a backslash.  These groups are usually:  Woodwind / Brass / Percussion, Keyboard, Harp etc. / Voices or Solo Instruments / Strings.  
    The first two groups of numbers are for the standard line-up of a symphony orchestra, first group woodwind - Flutes.Oboes.Clarinets(Bb).Bassoons, second group brass - Horns(F).Trumpets(Bb).Trombones.Tuba.  This allows shorthand notating
of these sections if they are using this line-up.  Take the example from "Amazing Grace" above: / / T.P.Bagpipes / Str.   This translates as 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, percussion,
bagpipes, strings.
   The next level to this is the 'standard accepted doublings' within the woodwind.  This simply means that woodwind players often 'double' (play more than one instrument in the same piece).  It is generally accepted that standard practice is that
those who play flute might also play piccolo, those who play oboe may also play cor anglais, those who play clarinet may also play bass clarinet and those who play bassoon may also play contra-bassoon.  If any particular number is followed by the letter "d"
and then another number, this means that that number of the aforementioned players are also doubling the 'usual' instrument.  Take the woodwind section of of "Funiculi Funicula" (1a) above:  2d1.2.2.2 .  This means two of each woodwind instrument,
that one of the two flutes (doesn't matter which) is doubling piccolo. If the number of a particular instrument is followed by a + sign and a number, this means that the section includes one of the standard doubling instruments over and above. Take for
example, "Loch Lomond" (1a) from above.  The woodwind section for it is marked 2.1+1.1+1.2.  This tell you that the woodwind section is comprising of 2 flutes, 1 oboe, 1 cor anglais, 1 clarinet, 1 bass clarinet and two bassoons.  Anything instrument
within the secion which does not fall into the category will be noted in abberviated form.  For example, if the woodwind section is normal, except that one of the flutes is doubling alto flute, it would be marked 2d1AltFl.2.2.2 .  The only other notation
which might be found in either woodwind or brass numbering systems, is when a transposing instrument is something other than the standard.  For example, if a piece were to be catalogued:  2.2.2(A).2 / 4.3(C).3.1 , this would meant that the 
clarinets are in A (instead of the usual Bb) and the trumpets are in C (instead of the usual Bb).
    There are no standard, generally-excepted doubling rules for brass, so these would be noted similarly, but doubles or additions noted in abbreviated form.  For example, a standard brass section with the exception that the trumpets also have to 
play cornets and the tuba player had to also play sousaphone would be noted something like this:  4.3d3corn.3.1dsousa
    Although In smaller orchestras the timpani and the percussion may be played by the same player, if timpani are present, they are always marked by themselves, as most large orchestras have a dedicated timpanist who plays nothing else.  A large
number of the orchestrations above which are marked for timpani and percussion (1 player) (marked T.P.) can be played by one percussionist.  If there is more than one percussion player required, then this will obviously not be possible.
If more than one of anything are required, its initial will be preceded by a number.  For example 3P means three percussionists required.  2Gtr means two guitarists required.
AltFl Alto Flute
BsFl Bass Flute
SS Soprano Saxophone
AS Alto Saxophone
TS Tenor Saxophone
BS Baritone Saxophone
Fl Flutes
Pic Piccolo
Ob Oboe
CorAng Cor Anglais
Clt Clarinet
BsClt Bass Clarinet
Bsn Bassoon
CtraBsn Contra Bassoon
Hn French Horn
Tpt Trumpet
Tbn Trombone
Tba Tuba
Corn Cornet
BsTbn Bass Trombone
Sousa Sousaphone
WagTba Wagner Tuba
PicTpt Piccolo Trumpet
NatTpt Natural Trumpet
AidTpt Aida Trumpet
Flug Flugelhorn
T (in percussion/other section) Timpani
P Percussion 
H Harp
Pno Piano
Cel Celesta
Kbd Keyboard
Syn Synthesiser
Str. Strings (sections)
Vln Violin
Vla Viola
Vc Cello (Violoncello)
Cb Double Bass (Contra Bass)
Voice Solo Voice
S (in vocal/solo section) Soprano (choir section)*
A (in vocal/solo section) Alto (choir section)*
T (in vocal/solo section) Tenor (choir section)*
B (in vocal/solo section) Bass (choir section)*
Gtr. Guitar
Kit. Drumkit
Clars Clarsach
BsGtr Bass Guitar
Org Organ
* Almost never used alone, but usually in combinations.  For example, SATB is a four-part mixed choir.  SSA is a standard ladies' choir and TTBB is a standard male voice choir.