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Over the course of my career as a composer, arranger and orchestrator, I have built up a vast library of scores and parts, which I am pleased to be able to offer for hire.  Many of these were only licensed for their original purpose, and so I unfortunately cannot offer them for hire.  However, those for which I own the copyright or which are licensed to be offered for hire are listed below.  If there is something you are looking for which is not listed, please contact me, as any existing, unlicensed scores may be eligible for re-licensing.  Alternatively, I am happy to consider arranging/orchestrating new commissions.


[The catalogue is a work-in-progress.  Please keep checking back]

Click here for Terms & Conditions of Hire

Click here for explanation of instrumentation codes (pdf)

Note on Versions:  versions of a different number (i.e. version 1 / version 2 etc.) are completely different arrangements, which may be completely different in character.  Versions of the same number with a folowing small letter (e.g. Version 1a / Version 1b) are essentially the same arrangement, but with some minor variation, such as a different key or a slightly different instrumentation.  They will, however, have the same "timeline," texture, counter-melodies etc.

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