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Composer & Arranger-Orchestrator

Gordon is happy to discuss compositional commissions of all descriptions, including music for television, cinema, audiobooks and computer games.  He is also happy to created bespoke works for individual musicians and orchestras.


Gordon's work as an arranger-orchestrator and occasional composer is extensive and longstanding, having provided scores for many of the world's leading orchestras.


He offers services as follows:


  • Arrangements/orchestrations: from piano accompaniments, through string quartet, big band charts and cruise ship / pit band charts.

  • Score preparation, part copying, music typesetting/engraving and editing

  • Audio transcription: songs, ensembles, orchestral pieces etc. from recordings

  • Audio mock-ups from scores

  • Score to video synchronisation

For hire of existing compositions and arrangements, please see the Music Hire page.

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